personality pillars.

shaping your future.

What’s it like to work with us?

To say goodbye to the deepest fears and complexes is often the biggest challenge in life. Learning a language requires more that books and instructions on black boards. It requires special personal attention, personalized course ware and a holistic environment to learn and talk freely.

We have catered to professionals coming from all fields. Pilots, Chefs, Bankers, Businessmen, Politicians, Gym trainers, Housewives, Salesmen, Principals of reputed schools and many others have benefited from us.

We have a flexible and tailor made approach. After 4 years of experience we have prepared many modules. There is no fixed course. We customize a course especially for you based on your weakness and limitations.

Many times besides all the educational, philosophical metaphysical, religious and financial tools at our disposal we have difficulties keeping up and striving. Our aim is to harness your weakness and help you discover the best part of yourself. We teach you more than English, we teach you a way of life.


Tarun Bhalla, CEO & Co-Founder of Building Blocks

Vidhi Gupta

It has been a wonderful experience to be a part of Personality Pillars. Each class had various activities which made me interact more with people, and broke the inhibitions I had. It has really helped me a lot in different areas of my life and has given me the confidence I always strived for. Mandeep ma'am has given me the right direction. She has been a great teacher and a friend to me.

Payal Sharma

Mandeep ma'am is certainly an extra ordinary mentor. She encourages students to realize their qualities and capabilities. Ma'am taught me how to love what I really love. Her magnificent views about life make her students more appreciative and optimistic. I came to her place with a muddled behaviour, but she played an instrumental part in my intellectual evolvement and giving me self confidence. I'm grateful for her support.

Sandeep Singh

My name is Sandeep Singh. I have had a great experience with Personality Pillars, it has given me tremendous confidence and helped me move to the next level.